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It is a narrative started by the ancient Greeks, adopted and further crafted by the people of Naples and carried across the world by Italian migrants. This was food to the poor. Laden with fat and garlic or cheese and basil leaves, it found its home on the streets of Naples.

The most widely recognized pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil was not created until the second half of the 19th century, when it was immortalised by queen Margherita of Savoy. During her majesty’s visit to Naples she craved to taste a dish she encountered at her every footstep, but never made its way to the royal table. There is no coincidence the celebrated pizza bears all colours found in the flag of Italy.

Today the Neapolitan pizza is no longer food associated with the poor, and is, in contrast, one of the most widely recognized and popular specialities of Italian cuisine. If you choose so, you can visit the diehard traditionalists in Naples to try the “only true” Neapolitan pizzas Margherita and Marinara, or, if on the voyage for more innovative, daring and still harmonic taste concoctions, you only need to seek out the grand pizza chefs to get a bite. During the past few years, Neapolitan pizza has even found its place in the prized Michelin star constellation.

The secret to what makes the Neapolitan pizza distinctive from other pizza variants lies in its easily digestible dough. Due to the lengthy, 24-48 or even a 72-hour long rising time, paired with a tiny amount of yeast, once ingested, it will not burden the stomach. Its short, at the most 90-second long baking time at around 450 degrees Celsius will allow the dough to trap air bubbles and lock up enough moisture to remain soft.

A true Neapolitan pizza will boast a distinctive dotty pattern on its edge.

Alas, some secrets must remain untold. Our main pizza chef Fabio Caruso would not take it lightly otherwise. As aficionados of the Italian „la dolce vita“ way of celebrating life, we sincerely hope you will always find yourself in excellent company in our establishment, set aside all the stress of everyday life and enjoy every single pizza bite you make.

After all, the magic of a Neapolitan pizza lies just there - no bite will ever taste the same!

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